14 Monthly Spreads & Layout Inspiration for Your Bullet Journal

I’m always looking for inspiration on new layouts for my bullet journal. I like to change things up every now and then. I thought it would be helpful to compile some images of monthly spreads, in case you’re looking for ideas. Bookmark this page so you can refer to it anytime you need!

Month on One Page

Month on 1 Page Bullet Journal
via @ studyrose.tumblr.com

Month on 1 Page Bullet Journal
via @belindamarriott

Monthly Calendar in my Bullet Journal
via @GirlyPlanners
One of my favorite monthly spreads in my bullet journal (April 2016). I flipped the notebook sideways (like a wall calendar) and added some washi tape at the bottom.

Month on 2 Pages

Month on 2 Pages Bullet Journal Layout
via @ Life Plus Paper (website is no longer active)

Month On 2 Pages Bullet Journal Spread
via @nomadicclover
From the creator:

“I integrated my tracker right into the calendar. I’m tracking a couple things daily, which I’ll mark off with Xs, and somethings I just want to track when they happen, which will be shown as color coded borders around my days. I started doing this during the second half of Jan and really like it.”

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread
via @sublimereflection

Month & Goals, Notes, or Habits

Monthly Spread Bullet Journal
Simple and clean layout! I love this monthly spread! via @dolceartist
Monthly Spread Bullet Journal
Using doodles and colors, love her monthly spreads! Follow her Instagram to see them all! via @craftyenginerd
Monthly Bullet Journal Spread
If you don’t have a lot to write in your monthly pages, this is a nice way to have a visual of the dates and where they fall, without taking up so much space. via @my_journaling_corner
Monthly Bullet Journal Spread
via @trekkiechickplans
From the creator:

I set this page up in mind that I needed a monthly spread that would give me a quick glance at what’s happening and how the month has gone so far. My habit tracker is to the right, goals in the bottom center, and (inspired by @ohayobento) a health and wellness tracker/graph.

Monthly Bullet Journal Spread
via @christina77star

Monthly Spread Bullet Journal
via @thecursivebird
Month in List Format
Monthly Spread Bullet Journal
via @grey.and.copper
From the creator:

Wanted a list calendar to put events / appointments in but also wanted a month view as I like to visualise the month quickly so thought this layout would work well. Also wanted my header to be along the left hand side so flicking through will be easy to find later on down the line.

Monthly Spread Bullet Journal
via @bohoberry
From the creator:

Instead of having 3 columns for “morning”, “afternoon”, and “evening”, I decided to divide it between “All Day”, AM & PM. I think I’m going to enjoy this format but as always, it’s just an experiment 🙂 The “All Day” column will house birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, vacations, etc.

Monthly Spread Bullet Journal – List Format
via @brookelangeinspired
I created a Pinterest board of monthly spreads for you as well!

What monthly spreads do you love? Share in the comments below!

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